CORONAVIRUS Pandemic sees huge increase in dogs and cat adoptations

The coronavirus outbreak has prompted an increased number of people to open up their homes to pets in need of adoption.

On Monday 23 March, it was announced that the UK had been placed in a state of lockdown, meaning that members of the public can only leave their households for specific reasons such as going to the supermarket or doing one form of outdoor exercise a day.

The greater amount of time people have been spending at home for the past few weeks has inspired many to provide new homes for pets, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home revealed.

For the week starting Monday 16 March, the animal shelter found forever homes for 86 dogs and 69 cats.

This marked a considerable increase from the same week last year, when 42 dogs and 29 cats were adopted.

Furthermore, for the week starting Monday 9 March this year, 39 dogs and 52 cats were rehomed, demonstrating the huge difference a week can make.

Rob Young, head of operations at Battersea Home, said it is not surprising that people in self-isolation are seeking “companionship”.

“As many people are preparing to spend a significant amount of time at home over the coming weeks, it is only expected that some may be thinking about the companionship a pet could offer,” Mr Young said.

“People are now having some more time to settle pets into their home, and are looking to do some good by rescuing animals who are waiting for their own home.”