What is the reason for dogs barking?

Separation anxiety 

Most dogs bark when left alone, which is called Compulsive Barking, where other symptoms of fear of separation appear: depression, running speed, desire to destroy, and making repeated movements at the same time as rotating in the same Place or along the fence. Dogs may also bark greatly for wanting to hear their own sound.

Feeling bored 

Dogs are a group animal that needs to live with one another, and when left for a long time in the house or yard, they feel very bored, which causes them to bark to show their sadness and boredom.

The warning 

Most dogs bark in the event that they feel a kind of threat, such as the passage of a stranger in the area in which they are present, as they bark to show their ability to protect the place, and the bark is sharp and with a high voice and confidence, and this instinct can be seized through continuous training to protect the home and family.

Show happiness 

Most dogs, especially young dogs and puppies, bark during playing with other people or dogs, as this bark is characterized by being optimistic and musical, and expresses the dog's enthusiasm when carrying out activities with people such as riding a car or hiking.

Respond to other dogs

 Dogs bark when they hear of other dogs barking, as they respond to the barking of another dog in the same street, which is called collective barking, so that all dogs join the bark with each other.

Draw attention

Dogs bark when they desire to attract the attention of the owner or their carer, especially if they desire something like: food , go to the bathroom, play, take care of, or play outside, as they bark to meet their needs.

Health problems

 Dogs tend to bark when they feel the health problems they suffer from. One of the most important of these problems is rabies, a disease that resembles human dementia, as dogs bark to show their suffering due to their aging, and they may also bark to show their voice that they cannot hear when they suffer from Deafness, that is, its inability to hear.