Top 10 pets

We sometimes resort to raising some animals at home, for recreation and entertainment. But what kind can we choose? Here is a list of the ten best animals that can be raised at home:

1- The dog

One of the most loyal animals. Raising it at home has many benefits, as it is guarding and protecting facilities. Some people with special needs, such as blind people, rely on him for guidance on the way.

2- The cat

Among the lovable and smart animals, which are fond of amusement and play. And always a source of fun inside the house. But cleanliness and health must be taken care of, so as not to cause serious diseases.

3- The sparrow

Birds are bred in homes to enjoy their bright colors and beautiful singing. They are also lively and fun birds. There are many shapes and types, so you can choose the one you like best.

4- Parrot

Parrots are beautifully colored birds. It is famous for its varied whistles and attractive tweets. Some of them have the ability to speak limited speech, which is a unique talent that is not available in most other organisms.

5- The Turtle

Pet crawlers are cute and attractive to breed and enjoy watching. It can distinguish its owner from others, and he will respond to some of his orders if trained. And the size of the small turtle is the most important thing that distinguishes it and increases its beauty. The small length of the wild turtle is from 5 to 6 cm, and its weight is 200 grams.

6- Colored fish

Colorful fish is a kind of ornamental fish, which can be bred at home, which has beautiful and varied colors, and gives a joy to the place.

7- Chick

The small size of the chick, and the color of yellow or white, makes it one of the beautiful birds that many accept to raise at home. It needs a special kind of attention and nutrition.

8- Hamster

A rat-like rodent, the most important characteristic of which is the absence of a tail, and its ears are short. The hamster is a beautiful, compact animal that can be placed anywhere in the home. And he eats most types of cereals. Its types include: Syrian golden hamster, Chinese hamster, Armenian gray hamster, European hamster.

9- Monkey

Monkeys are a kind of pet that can be bought at home. The best breeds are: the squirrel monkey and the marmost monkey. The advantage of these two species is that they are the most common species among monkey breeders, and they are also clean. These monkeys are fun and love to play a lot.

10- Yamam

Doves are among the beautiful birds reared for home decoration, and their sizes vary from small to large. Including: municipal or ordinary Yamam, encircled or Laughing Yamam, ground Yamam.