The most beautiful dogs

Bernese Mountain 

Dogs It is one of the breeds of mountain dogs that originated in Switzerland, it has thick fur that contains three attractive colors; they are white, black and brown, as this fur helps them protect from the cold, and this type of dog is characterized by its sharp intelligence, speed of learning and high alert, and is considered a dog Big: as it ranges from 61 cm to 71 cm, and weighs up to 50 kg, this breed is known for its attractive appearance and calm temperament, as it tends to play with children and other dogs.

 Siberian Husky dogs

 Siberian Husky dogs are one of the most beautiful and smartest breeds of dogs, as these dogs originated in the territory of Siberia, and are characterized by its high activity, sharp intelligence and great loyalty to its owners, and it has attractive eyes that come in several distinct colors, such as blue, green and gray, and its body is covered with fur It is dense and has a strong physical structure, which makes it able to walk long distances in cold weather. 

Chow chow dogs

 Chow Chow originated in northern China, and this species is characterized by the presence of a thick fur around his neck, which makes him resemble the lion in his appearance, as he possesses a black tongue that tends to blue, and his body is covered with thick fur in five beautiful colors; they are red and black Blue, cream and cinnamon (cinnamon color). Chow chow dogs are known by force, as they are characterized by straight back legs, and their weight reaches 32 kg, and their length ranges from 43 cm to 51 cm, and for this reason they are well trained for use in hunting and guarding , yet they need To the care and attention of its owners.

 Beagle dogs 

Beagle is one of the types of hunting dogs , and although it is a hunting dog, it can be brought up at home; it is characterized by its loyalty to its owners and its gentle and safe dealing with children, and this type of dog has common characteristics such as the medium size, sharp eyes and long ears, and is distinguished Its fur is a mixture of several colors: dark brown, light brown and white, and it is considered a high-activity smart dog.

 Other types of beautiful dogs

 Here are some of the other types of dogs that are distinguished by their beauty: 

  • Pomeranian dogs : Pomeranian. 
  • Babylonian dogs: (English: Papillion). 
  • Morkie dogs . Pug dogs: (English: Pug). 
  • Boxer dogs: (in English: Boxer).