The fastest horse in the world

The fastest horse in the world

 The fastest horse in the world is the Winning Brew horse, according to the Guinness Book of Records. This horse covered 71 km per hour in the 2008 competition, and since then it has been awarded the title of the fastest horse in the world. In a comparison between Arab horses, The purebred horses and the horses of the Quarters in 2006 AD The horses of the Quarters were faster than the purebred horses on short distances, as their speed could reach 89 km per hour, and the Quarters were the fastest horse in the world, while the Arabian horses are faster in the long distances because they are more durable. 

Quarter horse

 The American Quarter Horse is one of the oldest recognized horse breeds in the United States. This breed emerged in approximately 1660 AD as a symbol among the purebred horses, and the origin of the horse of the quarter is due to the Spanish horses used by the early colonists, and the English horses that imported them Virginia in about 1610 A.D., the horse is characterized by its fullness and shortness of body, ranging in length from 145 to 163 cm, and its muscles are large, and its head is short, and the mood is calm and cooperative, and the American Quarter Horse Association that was founded in 1940 AD has more than 2.5 million horses, which is thus the largest organisation For horse breeders in the world.

 Arabic horse

 For thousands of years, the Arabs lived in desert lands in the Arabian Peninsula , and among the Arab Bedouin tribes there were wars, invasions, and long journeys. The Arabian horse developed with its large lungs capacity and stamina to accommodate these harsh desert conditions, and the Arabian horse was distinguished by its high tail, The precision of his head, the length of his neck, his pigmented face, the shortness and straightness of his back, the depth of his chest, the strength and thickness of his legs, the beating ribs, the large nose, his large, expressive and round eyes, the smallest ear, and his appearance in general indicating intelligence, courage, nobility, full energy, and pride , And grace.