The best pet for home


Nowadays there is a desire among many to raise pets at home, so that they have become an integral part of their lives, which is an enjoyable hobby for them, but care must be taken to maintain the permanent cleanliness of pets, and to ensure that they are free of any diseases that may affect the health of family members At home, as pets are a type of animal that a person can keep inside their home, and often the main reason for bringing a pet to the home is the emotional desire of a person, as this type of animal reduces a person's sense of loneliness and fills his time, History scholars cannot Determining the real time when people began to own pets, as farmers and herdsmen owned the animals, in addition to the fact that people in the distant time were raising animals to provide food for them and their family, and at one point in time the possession of pets was a specific matter for high-level people , Owners of royal families, aristocratic people, and rich landowners, but it can be said that the beginning of this phenomenon was in the time of the eighties, due to the appearance of the middle class of people, who had enough money to own pets, and then spread Is around the world, it becomes is known and accepted at the present time.

The best pets at home 

There are a number of pets that are better suited to a home than others, due to their nature and kindness when a person is present, and here are a number of the best pets at home: 

  • Cats: It is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about pets, as it is characterized by its playing style and creates an atmosphere of fun and humor at home, but it does not need great care because it cleans itself, and cats are among the most loved animals that children love, but despite From this the person who intends to own a cat should know that the cats need constant vets with the vet, receive the syringes that are necessary to maintain their health, and the safety of the person who owns them as well, but it is nice to own the cats that they do not need large areas in the home. 

  • Dogs: Dogs are generally distinguished for their loyalty to their owners, and their ability to perform many functions that facilitate some lifestyle. Guarding the house is one of the main functions that dogs specialize in, but they need special care from their breeders, such as providing housing, appropriate food , and the necessary hygiene, in addition to dogs. That the person who intends to own dogs must choose a suitable type for the house, as some types of dogs are more fierce, lonely, and they need to be tamed and trained for long periods in order to become suitable for the home, especially with children, care must be taken, and be careful.

  • Ornamental fish: Ornamental fish is one of the most beautiful pets that can be raised at home, as it is distinguished by its attractive and varied colors, as there are red, orange, white, and even green, as it sends a person a sense of comfort and relaxation when looking at them, but they need Care is also like other animals, because the aquarium must be taken care of and kept always clean, and providing special food for it, but it is necessary for the person to be familiar with the general information about the fish that will acquire it, and the most beautiful fish is the Siamese fighting fish who lived most for three years, and must be fed Pal Food allocated to it, each type of fish is different from the other food, and it is worth noting that this type of fish in particular is vulnerable to infection by bacteria and diseases, so it is necessary to change the water, and to be lukewarm, and not hot at all. 

  • Hamster: The hamster is due to the rodent breed, which is one of the very cute animals, as the hamster is called a pocket animal, due to its small size, and it is worth mentioning that raising a hamster as a pet is one of the old habits, as humans began raising it since 1930 AD, and the hamster is among the animals that facilitate Keep them indoors, as you do not need a lot of care. 

Pet breeding benefits 

It has been scientifically proven that raising pets is one of the things that helps a person overcome many things, as it has several psychological benefits, and here are a number of these benefits:

  • Reducing stress: The acquisition of pets, especially dogs, is one of the reasons that help people who suffer from high, high stress situations to reduce this problem they have, as a number of researchers conducted in 2012 a scientific study on a number of employees, as employees who They bring their pets with them to work, employees who leave their pets at home, and employees who do not own a pet originally, and the result was that the employees who brought their pets with them did not experience any stress during the weekly work, while employees who left Their animals had a rise in stress levels during the week, so it has been proven that animals have a great benefit in addressing stress in individuals of all ages. 

  • Stimulation of sports and physical activity: The acquisition of a pet is one of the benefits that helps to move, sports, and physical activity, especially outside the home, and this increases the health of the body, as some studies have proven that people who have a pet exercise more than 54% Of other people, in addition to the great benefit that they get from breathing in air on a daily basis, such as reducing stress, improving mood, getting the necessary amount of vitamin D, reducing heart disease , and many other benefits. 

Bad pet raising 

There are a number of disadvantages that result from a person raising pets, including the following:  

  • When owning a pet, a person is forced to take responsibility , and this may be a heavy burden for some people. 
  • Some pets cause a number of different sensitivities to humans, so care should be taken, and be careful. 
  • Having a pet means spending money. Some animals require constant visits to the doctor, and an animal hairdresser.