Signs of reaching cats

Cats reach puberty between the sixth and eighteenth months of their age, and among the signs of puberty are: increased cats activity, increased desire to play to empty their energy, and the emergence of behavior determining their spheres of influence by scratching the things that surround them, and signs of reaching cats appear clearly during the whispering cycle or The period of erotica (English: Estrous cycle), where the percentage of sexual hormones increases, females abound from the meow as if they are suffering from some pain, they start rolling on the ground, and they try to take advantage of any opportunity to escape from the house in order to intermarry.

Breeding cats 

The period of reproduction in cats begins from late winter until the beginning of autumn, and cats enter it in the estrus cycle or capricious cycle every 2-3 weeks for a period ranging between 7-10 days, during this period the pituitary gland begins to secrete the estrogen hormone that is transmitted to the female ovaries and uterus, And you start producing mucous secretions that may contain a little blood.

Cat sterilization

 The behavioral problems of cats can be avoided during the menstrual cycle by sterilization, that is, the neutering of males (neutering), ovarian excision and female uterus or so-called sterilization (in English: Spaying) when they reach the eighth week of age , and the health benefits of sterilization and prevent female cats from uterine infections , Cancerous tumors, and male protection against testicular cancer and some prostate problems.