Information about pitbull dogs

Pitbull dogs 

Hybrid pitbull dog has several types of dogs to obtain a dog with high characteristics in terms of offensive force and ferocity, which made him classified as the most fierce, aggressive and strongest dog among them, except that he is known for his friendly and loyal nature towards his breeder, except in cases where he is subjected to abuse and beatings that can cause Harm to his nanny as a result.

Although the purpose of crossbreeding dogs is to use them in hunting large cattle, its strength and ferocity have made many breeders resort to using them in fierce matches and fights that take place between dogs, as it is distinguished from other dogs participating in these fights by its ability to fight for a long time Without giving in, even if that leads to his death.

The origin of the pitbull dogs

The early origins of the pitbulls are attributed to the group of fighting dogs known as molossus, from which the hunting dogs known as powles branched out, which in turn were cross-breeded with another type of dog, Terrier dogs, which led to the emergence of pitbulls, which carried the characteristics of both previous groups of Where the great potential to fight and catch prey by narrowing spaces on them. 

Formal qualities of the Pitbull dog

Despite its large size as a result of its huge muscular structure, it is of short dogs, its length ranges between 66 cm to 71 cm, and its weight does not exceed 50 kg, while its formal characteristics differ from one place to another, where this difference resulted from a different method Hybridization, which was aimed at strength and ferocity without regard to form or color, as there are several colors, including black, brown, and white, with black or brown spots.

Misconceptions about pitbull dogs 

  • Pitbull dogs are stupid, but they are easy to train and easy to train to obey orders and do some things. 
  • Pitbull dogs are fierce towards humans. 
  • Pitbull dogs are purebred dogs, however, as we have explained previously, they are crossbred from a number of different types of dogs. 
  • Pitbull dogs do not get hurt, this misconception is common due to the obstinacy of Pitbull dogs as they fight with other dogs, as they continue to fight even if they are bleeding, biting, or even losing part of their body or cutting their ears. 

Pitbull dogs in America 

The United States of America witnessed the emergence of a number of hybrid American pitbulls, with the people increasing their acquisition and breeding. In the late eighties, pitbull dogs were estimated at about 2% of the total number of breeding dogs, and in 2004 their numbers increased to reach two million dogs of different breeds of pitbull.