How to feed dogs


training Many people like to raise dogs for a number of different reasons, but dog breeding is not an easy topic, as it needs experience in applying certain measures to maintain the health and safety of the dog, and one of the most important is the dog's diet. A balanced diet for dogs is considered a very important thing to maintain Their growth and health are healthy. Dogs should get all the nutrients and vitamins important for growth. They should also get vaccinations to protect them from various parasitic diseases and follow the advice of the veterinarian carefully. Dogs have different needs for Items of all ages, and the breeder must be aware of these exact details to protect his dogs.

Feed the dogs

 The type of food provided to dogs varies according to the size and age of the dog, so the amount of food to be provided to a dog of small size differs from the large, and age also plays a major role in determining the type of dog food.

Feed small puppies 

The process of feeding newborn puppies in the first three months needs careful care; the breeder must start converting the puppy from the diet of mother's milk to the puppy's diet gradually and regularly by removing him for short periods of time then long from his mother. The importance of this step is to make the puppy gradually move away from the mother's care. 

Types of dog food 

With different types of dogs and their sizes, there are special foods for them that have become available in the market with different types, and all the breeder has to do is put ready-made food for the dog on specific dates. 
There are three different types of dog food: 

  • Dry food : It consists of fats, vitamins , bone meal and some dry meat, in addition to minerals, carbohydrates and some salts in suitable quantities, as they are mixed together in the form of balls in small sizes. This type is distinguished as it prevents weight gain, in addition to containing all the necessary nutrients.
  •  Canned food : It is a food consisting of a mixture of rice, meat , ground bones, vitamins, and salts, but this food is very expensive. 
  • Domestic eating of dogs : This food is characterized by being made by the breeder, and increases the dog's attachment to humans, and it is not expensive, because it is mostly a waste from human eating.

General notes on dog feeding

 Domestic dog breeders should adhere to some important observations in maintaining good dog health, and these include:

  •  Meal should be medium to warm. 
  • Liver food is twice a week, so uric acid does not increase in the body.
  •  Avoid homemade leftovers that contain large amounts of salts or fats, especially before the age of six months. 
  • Teach the dog to wait until the eating is placed in front of it and then instruct it to eat, so as not to jeopardize the breeder. 
  • Provide good and clean water for the dog, and keep it renewed continuously.
  •  Not giving the dog any additional meals that may cause the body to increase fat, and consequently, it will gain more weight than normal.