How long is a cat’s pregnancy

The cats 

Cats are mammals that fall under the feline family, and they are pets that live around a person, or raise them inside his home, and establish a strong friendship between him and them. 

Breeding cats

Suitable age for mating The age of sexual maturity of cats varies according to their gender and type, but the period for the female is about five months after her birth, but some types reach nine months, and for male cats it matures sexually after ten months or more.

Mating season

There are several seasons for the breeding of cats, including February and October, in addition to other times of the year, and at this time the male cats run away from the house for several days, if the house does not have a female cat, and it is dirty and exhausted, and its exit in order to search for females , And may fight with other males to win the female.

Signs of pregnancy in cats

  • The cat's breasts begin to stand out, and it turns dark pink, in preparation for breastfeeding its young. 
  • The cat becomes more affectionate and kinder and tries to attract the attention of its breeders, and to obtain affection. Your cat's appetite increases, and she accepts eating more than ever. 
  • With the passage of days and the approaching of childbirth, the cat begins visiting new places that it is not accustomed to visiting, in an attempt to find a suitable place to give birth, which is known as nesting. 
  • Flatulence a month after pregnancy. 

Duration of carrying a cat 

After completing the mating process, which may occur several times a day, and for several days, a pregnancy that lasts from two months to sixty-five days begins, depending on the type of cat and its physical health. The female has several cats at the same time from three to eight cats, and then licks them to clean them, and eat the placenta. 

How to know when a cat is born 

There are several signs that the date of the cat's birth is approaching: 

  • The cat's breasts are noticeably large, and it secretes little milk in the last three days of pregnancy. 
  • The cat's temperature drops. 
  • The cat's appetite decreases. 
  • They appear tense and uneasy, frequent movement, and follow their breeders from one place to another. 

If you are a cat breeder, provide your cat with the appropriate food during her pregnancy, and show special care and tenderness for her. When the birth date approaches, bring her a box of wood or cardboard and be a little wide enough to accommodate her and her young, and it is better to brush it with something warm, such as an old blanket, and make sure that The box has a side hole so that the cat can get out of it without harming its young.