Cats breeding and its harms

Breeding cats 

Many people resort to raising cats in homes, for many reasons, including: doing charity so that they can be taken care of and caring for them, and providing food and housing for them; in addition to that raising cats gives the home an atmosphere of fun and entertainment, and makes children more good, and accustom them to care for others, where The animal world is a beautiful world, full of entertainment, and despite these features for raising cats, it may lead to some of the damages that we will introduce you to in this article. 

Harming kittens 

Cats cause many problems and diseases for humans, the most important of which are:

Herpes fungal diseases 

It is considered one of the most common diseases that cats transmit to humans, and the percentage of cats that carry this virus is about 40%. This disease appears on the human skin in the form of red circles that cause itching gradually. 


This disease appears in a person with redness in the eye with the occurrence of pus secretions, and it can be cured by some ointments and drops, as it can be prevented by washing the hands well after contact with infected cats, and not being allowed to move inside the home. 

Sore throat and tonsils 

The pathogenic microbe is the main cause of the disease. This disease can be treated by taking antibiotics. It can also be prevented by preventing the cat from putting its mouth in the drink and food for humans. 

Intestinal catarrh 

This disease occurs as a result of a cat carrying Campylobacter and salmonella, which is transmitted to humans, and causes diarrhea and vomiting. It can be prevented by using gloves while cleaning cats, and cleaning hands thoroughly after contact with them, in addition to keeping them away from the place of food. 

Cat bite 

A cat bite poses a risk to human life due to some microbes that cats carry in their mouth, such as Pasteurella, as more than 75% of cats carry this microbe, in addition to strep bacteria, tetanus, and calories. Therefore, medical assistance should be sought immediately after the bite has occurred. To work with the wound, and to prevent possible consequences. 

Cat scratch disease 

This disease occurs due to Bartonella bacteria, which reaches the cat through fleas, and when a person carries the cat and causes it to scratch, the infection is transmitted to it, which causes many symptoms such as: fever, and swollen lymph glands, and it must be noted that young cats carry this The disease is more than big cats. 

Helicobacter pylori bacteria 

This disease causes ulcers to occur in the duodenum in humans. The disease is transmitted to humans through contamination of food with cat litter. To prevent this disease, cats should be removed from food places, as well as cleaning hands thoroughly after contact with them, especially before preparing food. 

Rabies disease 

This disease is one of the deadly diseases that affect the animal and the human, and the animal becomes infected with it as a result of being bitten or scratched by an infected animal, as well as a person who is infected by being bitten or scratched by an infected animal, and this disease affects the nervous system, so severe cramps occur, in addition to Many symptoms often cause death.